I first went to get some of your corn 4 years ago when I was visiting for a family reunion in Harvard. I kept rolling my eyes at relatives who insisted we HAD to go get some of your corn. Corn is corn! I said to them. WELL let me tell you I was an idiot, and I beg your forgiveness.
As we stood in your road-side tent (me still rolling my eyes at my relatives who were buying CASES of corn) the nice girl at your check out table asked if I wanted to try and ear. RAW. I said what? get out. She smiled and said no, really, you’ll see.
I about hit the ground when I took a bite. I was stunned, rendered speechless, it was a Religious Corn experience. I bought a case, and I have shut up with my eye rolling.
I have sent your corn to friends in Florida, Sweden, California and Australia. The precious few ears I was able to afford to send have put me on a constant email list “When will it be ready? When can you send more?” If I had a zillion dollars and 3 semi-trailer trucks I still couldn’t buy all the corn these people now want.
You have to taste it to beleive it. I count the days until I can drive down and buy more (I’ll be there tomorrow!) You folks are to corn what Monet was to watercolors.

Thora, Green Bay, WI