Off to market…Chicago. Daley Plaza.

The farm stand may be closed for the season,
but we are still out at all of our markets!

Thursdays we spend the morning and afternoon in Daley Plaza.
This Chicago market is the longest running farmers market in the city.

The weekly market, which runs Thursdays from 7:00am-3:00pm,
has a cozy feel, depsite being tucked in between busy city buildings.

There is a large variety of vendors.
The flowers and plants are amazing, the fountains in the plaza are beautiful,
and the people are always helpful and friendly.

We are all about vegetables and healthy eating over here at the farm,
but if you're at the Daley Plaza market,
the Amish cinnamon caramel doughnuts are a must!

Come see us in Chicago!
We still have corn, but fall is on it's way...don't forget to buy extra Mirai for freezing!

HERE is our post on how to freeze Mirai Sweet Corn.