Get your apron on….Pattypan Squash. know, the cute, tiny squash you see on our market tables?
They are so tender, sweet and easy to work with in the kitchen!

Here is a simple and tasty way to prepare them.


Garlic Roasted Pattypans with Red Onions and Lemon Thyme
{serves 4}
7-10 small pattypan squash
1 red onion
3 cloves of fresh garlic
4 T butter, melted
2 sprigs of fresh lemon thyme {any herb may be substituted}

Cut pattypans into bite size pieces.
Dice onion
Place cut veggies into a baking dish

Add crushed garlic and thyme to melted butter.
Pour over cut veggies. Toss gently with a spoon.

Bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes.
Broil on high for 4 minutes to crisp and brown the tops of the pattypans.