5 Ways For a Healthier Winter…Starting Now.


Why is it the foods that are so bad for us taste oh-so-good?
Greasy cheeseburgers, hot fudge sundaes, funnel cakes from the county fair…etc.

Every once in awhile having a treat is okay, but it shouldn’t be part of our normal diet.
I came across this article and found the amount of calories,
fat and sugar in restaurant foods shocking.

With the new school year upon American families,
eating out is often a quick, easy and sometimes the only solution when the crazy schedule keeps us running.
The school year rolls into fall and before we know it the holiday season is here!
I know, I know…Slow down you’re still wearing your flip flops!

We know winter is months away, but the end of growing season isn’t.
Summer time offers us a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables no other season can.

Now is the time to form good eating habits that will carry you through the fall and winter.
Now is the time to freeze and can and fill your kitchen {or garage deep freeze} with all the freshness you can!

Here are 5 ways to help you get on track to healthier eating.

1. Find Healthy Recipes.
Sit down with a glass of infused water, a pen and a piece of paper.
Take a little time and search your way through our blog, google clean eating recipes or
hop onto pinterest and search healthy eating. You will find oodles of options online.
Make a list of your family favorites. Keep this list handy and use it in your menu plan each week.

2. Make a list of fruits and veggies to freeze for your recipes during the winter months.
When you freeze or can vegetables from the market or a local farm you know exactly where they came from.
You know you are putting trustworthy and healthy foods into your family’s body.

3. Start making healthy meals now.
Once you get into the habit, it will be easy to keep up when the schedule fills your evenings.
Get your taste buds craving healthy foods.
The more healthy you eat, the better you will feel and the more you will want to eat healthy.
It’s a great cycle to jump into!

4. Have a plan!
So often we enter our kitchens at the dinner hour, open the fridge and hope something will magically appear!
Unfortunately that doesn’t happen.  It’s so much easier when we have a plan.
Take time each week or month to plan out your meals.
This will help you not only at the grocery store, but will make dinner time less of a chore if you have a plan in place.

5. Make a commitment to eat out only on special occasions.
If you are someone who likes to dine out, try this short term. Make a month long commitment.
Try eating out only once a week or once every other week.
If you aren’t someone who eats out all the time, make a longer commitment.
Only eat out for special reasons..a birthday, a date night, a celebration.
When you do dine out, try and keep your choices on the healthier side!

…and you didn’t hear this from me, but a Saturday morning never hurt anyone. 😉