We had a bumper crop in, spite of the drought, our bicolor corn.
We have to fence it in the backyard to keep the raccoons out. But, the corn was “fantastic”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We ate and ate and froze the kernels off the cob for winter.
Can’t wait to order the seeds next spring! Be sure we’re on the list!!!

Ralph & Jan, Glenview, IL
I grew up near the Sweet Corn Capital of the World, Hoopeston, Illinois. I worked for one of the canning companies during the summers in the late 60’s to earn money for college. I ran a corn picker the last two years I worked there, so I’ve seen a lot of sweet corn in my life. We lived on sweet corn during the summer and I’ve tasted many varieties, but none compare to Mirai. I don’t miss a weekend going to the farmer’s market to pick up a dozen or more. For dinner tonight, I had one ear that was a week old and one ear that I picked up today. I could not tell the difference in the flavor of the two. Incredible!!

Edward Hatfield, Lisle, IL
I found your corn at the Gurnee Farmers Market, and have been one of your most sincere suPporters. I have given this corn as gifts (that’s how much I( think of it) as a house warming gift, a shower gift a 50th Anniversary gift as well as any time I can give a gift. I only insist that they tell me what they think of it after cooking. So far not ONE BAD WORD. Only those that ask where they can get it. So I printed a copy of all the Farmers Markets in that area and gave it out to all of them. They all agree – once they have tasted this corn NOTHING ELSE WILL DO. Keep up this wonderful work and too bad Oct. comes so fast.

Doris, Gurnee, IL


I first went to get some of your corn 4 years ago when I was visiting for a family reunion in Harvard. I kept rolling my eyes at relatives who insisted we HAD to go get some of your corn. Corn is corn! I said to them. WELL let me tell you I was an idiot, and I beg your forgiveness.
As we stood in your road-side tent (me still rolling my eyes at my relatives who were buying CASES of corn) the nice girl at your check out table asked if I wanted to try and ear. RAW. I said what? get out. She smiled and said no, really, you’ll see.
I about hit the ground when I took a bite. I was stunned, rendered speechless, it was a Religious Corn experience. I bought a case, and I have shut up with my eye rolling.
I have sent your corn to friends in Florida, Sweden, California and Australia. The precious few ears I was able to afford to send have put me on a constant email list “When will it be ready? When can you send more?” If I had a zillion dollars and 3 semi-trailer trucks I still couldn’t buy all the corn these people now want.
You have to taste it to beleive it. I count the days until I can drive down and buy more (I’ll be there tomorrow!) You folks are to corn what Monet was to watercolors.

Thora, Green Bay, WI