Snapdragon Red Delhi

Snapdragon Maryland Lavender

Snapdragon Maryland Royal. Not the best color or strength.

Maryland Flamingo. Love.

Salvia is becoming an item.

Daucus Dara.

Ammi. One more week.

Lisianthus Roseanne Light rown.
Oh my goodness what a happy addition to our color lineup!

Basil is finally getting serious.

Okra Flower.

When we begin to see Cauliflower, we tie it shut {next picture} so that it stays white.


Savoy cabbage by the weekend.

Honeydew melon. Still a few weeks out.

ALL of our melon stands are lush and disease-free.
So thankful.

Cucumber season is here.

Edamame is about to flower.

Candy onions are also in season.
About 1.5 weeks early.


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