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Let’s get out there and walk!

Now that the holidays are over and all of our jeans are a little too tight... are 10 ways to inspire you to get out in that fresh winter air and take a walk! 1. You will boost your energy level! Especially in the cold. 2. You will burn extra calories. Every mile walked…
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Field Notes From Jenny…Week Ending 6/16/18

Most people nowadays want to know where the food they are putting on their table is coming from. We want you to feel confident you are eating well when you eat from our farm. We would love for you get to know us on a deeper, more personal level. So we decided to start a…
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Get your apron on….Ham, Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich

For our last January breakfast, we will be sharing a sandwich idea. They are filling and easy to take on the go. Those of you who like eating breakfast for dinner... these make for an easy dinner idea as well. Ham and Egg Breakfast Sandwich 1 egg 2 slices of ham {or two strips of…
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