Most people nowadays want to know where the food they are putting on their table is coming from.
We want you to feel confident you are eating well when you eat from
our farm.

We would love for you get to know us on a deeper, more personal level.
So we decided to start a series called… Field Notes From Jenny.

Jenny is one of our farmers. Each week she keeps a digital journal of
what is going on in the greenhouses and fields.
She is absolutely amazing at what she does!

..and guess what?! She has graciously decided to let us share her photos
and thoughts with all of you!

Each Tuesday this summer, we will be posting her notes from the previous week.
You will see exactly what happens to your produce before it finds it’s way
into your kitchen.

We hope you enjoy her journal entries as much as we do!
..and we look forward to feeding you all summer long.

Week Ending 6/16/18
1 inch of rain Friday night.

Garden Wash Table.
Note: those are teenagers wearing the fancy hats. Peer pressure holds no sway when the sun is beating down…

Okra- With purslane in the background, growing there for free, just for us.
{Yes, we harvest some of our weeds!}

Banana pepper. Will it be yellow, orange or red?
Maybe we will know in a week.
Especially if we get that 90 degree heat in the forecast.

Is this a weed patch? Sort of.

But it will be harboring volunteer sunflowers, which will bloom before the ones we sowed on purpose.

Purposefully seeded sunflowers with a volunteer Amaranth.
{Can you tell we love self-sowing plants?!}


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