Now that the holidays are over and all of our jeans are a little too tight… are 10 ways to inspire you to get out in that fresh winter air and take a walk!

1. You will boost your energy level! Especially in the cold.

2. You will burn extra calories. Every mile walked is {about} 100 calories burned.
Start walking 30 minutes a day and you will start to see those pounds fall off.

3. Your mood will improve! ..walking cheers you up and also boosts your self esteem.
When you walk, endorphins are released and that will make you happy!

4. Walking is good for your blood sugar.
Walking after you eat a meal improves digestion and evens out blood sugar levels.

5. Walking is easy on your joints and has also been shown to
help reduce chronic back pain.

6. It’s healthy for your heart! It lowers blood pressure and again..reduces stress.
It helps your resting heart rate and improves circulation.
Walking also reduces cholesterol.

7. You will learn to appreciate all kinds of weather!
Walking outdoors you will get to experience things unique to each season.
Birds singing in the spring. Sunshine in the summer. The crispness of autumn.
Not that whipping wind in the winter is always a fun thing, but that resistance will help you burn extra calories and you will get a chance to wear that warm hat Aunt Martha
crocheted for you at Christmas! 😉

8. You will save money…walking is much, much cheaper than the gym
or the new treadmill that will eventually end up in the corner of your basement.

9. Walking helps clear your mind…you will think better after a walk.

10. Finally…you will feel a sense of accomplishment!
That alone will make you feel better!

Now get out there and go for a walk!!!

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